Our vision is to be a church of change that can only be explained by Jesus.

In an effort to be a Church of Change we seek to focus on three essential things: 

GROW in jesus. GATHER together. GO and share. 

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As a church we desire to reach 8 benchmarks by 2018, not by the measure of our own effort, but guided by our aspiration to do something that can only be done through the power of Jesus.

1. Have a group of 50 people attend our Sunday morning prayer group

2. 100% Community Group participation

3. Elders in place ACCOMPLISHED

4. Financially self-sustaining (able to function without outside support) ACCOMPLISHED

5. Be a part of planting a church in Sierra Leone, Africa ACCOMPLISHED

6. Have our own building

7. Start a Christian School for those in need PENDING FALL 2015

8. See 500 salvations and baptisms

info@themissionrenton.com        po box 1513 maple valley wa 98038