Hannah in Sierra Leone

Hannah was on the church planting team for The Mission Church and has been a member since then, she has also been very involved in Sierra Leone, Africa since 2011. Hannah has been living in Sierra Leone as a teacher/nanny for one year now and is planning to stay at least one more year. She lives with the Wagner Family in Makeni, Sierra Leone while Josh and Ruhie work on Bible translation.

Hannah plays a critical part in the Themne translation project. The quality services she provides to the Wagner children allow both Josh and Ruthie Wagner to accomplish so much more than would be possible otherwise.
Josh and Ruthie have 3 boys Elijah, Isaiah, and Josiah. Hannah's primary job is caring for the boys while their parents are working, homeschooling, and just joining the Wagner family in their day to day life in Africa as they raise their boys.

Hannah loves being part of the Wagner family, bonding with the Sierra Leonean children in our neighborhood, being involved in the community, and eating Sierra Leonean food.

How Can I Help?

Hannah needs about $14,000 for 2017 finances. This covers travel in country, internet, small stipend, and evacuation insurance. Click HERE to donate. Once on the Pushpay site, click 'Giving Type,' then select 'Hannah in Sierra Leone.'

You can also join us in prayer for Hannah as she continues to serve for the Wagner family in Sierra Leone.

If you would like to see updates on Hannah's work in Sierra Leone you can follow her on:
Instagram: @hannahbrowntown
Email: hannahbrowntown92@gmail.com