Serving others opens doors to share the gospel; whether in our church, locally, or globally. 

As followers of Jesus we believe in caring for the poor throughout the world, not just in our community (Matthew 25:35). The Mission Church has been given the opportunity to serve individuals and the community in Mankneh, Sierra Leone in the following ways:

Community Development

In partnership with Impact A Life Foundation (, The Mission Church assisted with developing a gospel centered school program called Revive Africa. This includes Bible teaching for students and the community, training for staff and teachers, medical check-ups and medications, a hygiene and clean water program, and a women’s ministry.

Well Development 

The Mission Church has funded the development of a well which provides clean water to an entire Mankneh community in Sierra Leone.

Church Planting

The Mission Church has given over $35,000 for church planting work in Sierra Leone. With these funds, over 25 people have been trained at the local seminary which has resulted in 16 churches planted. Through these 16 churches, there have been over 1,000 salvations and 200 baptisms since 2015

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